Coated Abrasive & Bonded Thin Wheels

Coated Abrasives
1. Emery sheet
2. Velcro Disc
3. PSA Disc
4. Fibre / Sanding Disc
5. Flap Disc
6. Flap Wheel
Emery Sheets (Waterproof Emery Paper):

Automotive finishing, Wide range of wood working, metal working, plastic, fiber glass, stone and marble finishing applications - Final finishing of painted surfaces, used in wood working, in the paint and clear coat business, in solid surface material sanding and in many other metallurgical testing and finishing situations.

PSA – Pressure Sensitive Adhesive & Velcro Disc
Can be used in a very wide range of applications from metal to wood

Fibre / Sanding Disc:

We offer the widest range of Fibre, Paper and Cloth backed Coated Abrasive Discs for portable tools. Be it a disc for Rotary Grinder, Dual Action Sander on portable machine or Hand Sanding, we have a product for every application and performance category.

Flap Wheel , Flap Disc:

We offer a range of specialty products to meet specific grinding requirements of fabrication and other industries.
Auto OEM   Auto & Auto Ancl   General
  Fabrication   Flooring   Wood   Paper Sheets
    Bonded Thin Wheels
Chopsaw Wheels:

Suitable for low power chopsaw machines. Reinforced wheels with a unique design engineered for free cutting on all kinds of pipes, angles, channels.

Extra Thin Wheels:

Reinforced cut off wheels in Thickness of 1m to 2mm. These wheels are designed to work at 80 m/s and offer following benefits.

Depressed Centre Wheels: